Telekom 4G customers can also use the net faster in an increasing number of foreign countries

The 4G data roaming service was launched, first available on the 4G network of   Telekom Deutschland

Telekom 4G customers canFrom March 2, 2015 the domestic 4G customers of Telekom can access without paying any extra fee when roaming in certain foreign countries, enabling them to enjoy the benefits of fast mobile net also outside Hungary. The roaming service will firstly be available to Telekom customers on the 4G network of Telekom Deutschland, gradually followed by another 30 counties all around the world, in 2015.Telekom customers visiting foreign countries will have positive experiences basically concerning the speed of internet.* The 4G roaming service is to those Telekom customers, who order some kind of Telekom roaming tariff package, and simultaneously also have a local 4G enabled tariff package and terminal. The change effects Telekom’s residential, as well as the SME and large corporate customers. This option becomes automatically available to customers.Simultaneously, customers of contractual Telekom partners visiting Hungary – with appropriately enabled telephones and service – can also connect to the Telekom 4G network in Hungary, which currently offers almost 80% population coverage.**

Information to customers about the availability of 4G data roaming: and at the telephone customer service.

By year end 2014 the Deutsche Telekom Group sold 18.3 million data roaming packages to customers in all European countries, and the number keeps growing. With the Travel & Surf offer the more than 130 million customers of the company can use the mobile data roaming service at favourable prices in almost 100 countries, while another beneficial feature is that the available data volume can be monitored and hence spending can be controlled. Depending on which operator’s network the customer logs on, the operator informs the user in a text message when 80 percent of the data volume included in the package is reached. Additionally, using an application and the website available free of charge also from abroad (in case of Magyar Telekom customers on site they can also check any time how many MBs they used of the data volume included in their data package, up to that given time.

* The speed experienced also depends on the maximum speed available given the technology and the specific location, as well as on topology and the number of users in the given cell, at the given moments as well as on the capabilities of the given network, the terminal used and the domestic tariff package.
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