Telekom: Completely Carbon Neutral in 2015!

The Magyar Telekom Group (including its foreign subsidiaries, Makedonski Telekom and Crnogorski Telekom) as the first Hungarian large company – and being among the first leading European telecommunication companies – has become completely carbon neutral.

Telekom: Completely Carbon Neutral in 2015!Changing climate is one of the most serious problems of our age, mainly generated by the amount of carbon dioxide released by mankind into the atmosphere. Already in the 90ies, Telekom recognized the importance of protecting the environment and the climate, since then this approach became an organic part of the company’s activity. Pursuing the objectives defined in the  Sustainability strategy and applying innovative solutions, the company continuously decreased energy used during its operation and increased energy efficiency.

The company modernized its network and data centers, increased the ratio of hybrid and electric cars within its fleet and applies ever more effective tools and solutions. Energy supply in case of several infrastructures is provided by using wind / solar energy, and using sustainable infocommunication products and services is also preferred within the operation of the company. In addition, two special projects contributed to achieving complete carbon neutrality. The Telekom Group purchases electric energy in Hungary from 100% renewable energy sources, while also providing support to green projects to neutralize emission resulting from the use of fossil energy.”

„We are extremely proud that due to our ambitious efforts made for sustainability our company and the services rendered to customers are completely carbon neutral, and that we are ahead of the largest global telecommunication companies in this regard. We are thankful to our customers that by using our services they support us in protecting our environment, hence they also actively participate in creating a more sustainable future” - said Éva Somorjai, chief HR officer of Magyar Telekom, responsible for sustainable development.
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