Telekom customers can also access the national unified mobile parking system

As of July 1, in line with legal regulation, the public area mobile parking service becomes available through Nemzeti Mobilfizetési Zrt and its contract partners, i.e. also through Telekom’s network, at 70 places of the country. Telekom customers can use the service through mobile shopping at pay parking zones. The service charges will be the same as previous mobile parking tariffs.

Magyar Telekom results for the fourth quarter 2013Telekom customers will enjoy in the new national system too the comfort and benefits of mobile parking, which will be readily available without the need to register in advance. Neither small change nor parking meters will be necessary to use the service and only the fee actually corresponding to the time spent parking will have to be paid. Moreover, the parking time can be prolonged or terminated from wherever we are.

An important information for customers is that mobile parking can be initiated and terminated by sending a text message to or by calling a new telephone number as of July 1. The pre-select code of the service provider (+36 30 or +36 20) is followed by the 763 dial-in number and then the four-digit identification (zone) code. So customers parking in public areas will have to send in an SMS the plate number of their car (e.g. „ABC123”) to the telephone number, displayed also on parking meters, by selecting first the zone number of the service provider then keying in 763 and the zone code (“+36 30–763–XXXX” – where XXXX stands for the four-digit parking zone code).

Due to the transition to the new system customers can initiate their parking valid for July 1 and thereafter only from 0am of July 1 by using the new phone number. Parking in public areas will begin and be valid only after the confirming SMS is received by the initiating telephone number, so customers will always have to wait for it. Transaction (comfort) fees for the service will be the same as previous mobile parking tariffs, and in the new system our customers will be able to use mobile parking service in public areas for uniform fees countrywide (including Szeged). The cost of parking, along with a transaction (comfort) fee and the fee of SMS or call, will be invoiced to the debit of the balance kept by the mobile provider.

In addition to SMS and calls, customers will also be able to use the applications of the mobile provider for parking in public areas in the new system; however certain functions will be available only after a transitory period (e.g. GPS based parking).

As Nemzeti Mobilfizetési Zrt has informed, from July mobile parking will be available at parking lots of 70 local governments already, instead of the previous 42, which operate pay parking in public areas.
Telekom customers can purchase through mobile shopping motorway e-stickers too, provided from July 1 also by Nemzeti Mobilfizetési Zrt. Customers can buy weekly and monthly motorway stickers with their mobile phones under the previous conditions (e.g. after a confirming SMS) and use the motorways in the usual manner.

The updated list of parking areas and zone codes as well as further parking conditions are available for customers at the website of Nemzeti Mobilfizetési Zrt (, at its information line (+36 1 989 0000) and its telephone customer service (+36 36 889 889, from 8am to 8pm) as well as at the homepage of the mobile provider (


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