Telekom Offering Considerable Roaming Discount to Travellers Abroad

Roaming voice, text message and data rates within the European Union continue to shrink from July 1. Telekom’s Travel & Surf packages ensure even more favourable rates than those regulated by EU and will be more predictable and possible to control in the case, for example, of the Travel&Surf S package in close to 100 countries, i.e. even in Brazil hosting the World Soccer Cup Games, outside EU.

Telekom Offering Considerable Roaming Discount to Travellers AbroadTo comply with the valid Regulation of the European Parliament and the Council on international roaming charges Telekom is going to extend at a gross minute rate of HUF 74.4 the calls initiated and HUF 19.5 the calls received within EU member states. Telekom’s customers will be able to send at a rate of HUF 23.5/message text messages and HUF 78/message MMS within EU states. Roaming data usage charges will also drop considerably in the EU: Telekom’s customers will be able to transact data within member states for HUF 78.336 instead of the HUF 171.5 rate per Megabyte. At the same time, in compliance with its obligation imposed by the European Parliament and European Commission, Telekom will also enable its subscribers to access local roaming data transfer services.

The changes in rates will affect Telekom’s Globe Trotter EU, Mix Roaming, Mix Roaming Direct, Domino Roaming, Domino Roaming Direct tariff packages. Those business customers who use specific roaming tariff rates or packages tailored to their individual needs, can use the services further on according to the rates, invoicing units and limits set forth in the valid agreements.

The new roaming rates have been set up in accordance with the Regulation of the European Parliament and the European Council and they enable cost saving mobile phone and mobile internet usage in EU member states as well as in Andorra, Norway, Island and Liechtenstein.

Telekom extends its customers favourable internet options even abroad through its Travel & Surf packages.
Travel & Surf packages offer even more favourable rates than those regulated by the EU, and will ensure more predictable use possible to control more readily. Travel & Surf packages offer a certain amount of data at a flat rate for a day or for a week. After the amount of data included in the package is used up, data usage will be interrupted, and yet another roaming data tariff package will have to be ordered. In this way the customer will spend only as much as it has been previously approved.

The favourably charged Internet access offered by the Travel&Surf S package has been available, since June 1, 2014, in close to 100 countries of the world, i.e. even outside EU. It is good news for soccer fans that the Travel & Surf S package is available also in Brazil, so participants in this year’s soccer World Cup will be able to use the net and share their experiences at favourable rates. Those business customers who use roaming tariff rates or packages tailored to their individual needs can order their Travel&Surf tariff packages through their own customer portal, at the Customer Service or their designated contact person, pending their agreement.

In terms of costs Telekom ensures its customers secure data transfer: whenever its customer tries to access the Internet through the browser abroad, a service selection page will pop up automatically or by directly opening the webpage Here the customer will be enabled to select and order the roaming tariff package considered to be the most suitable, for example, one of the Travel &Surf packages.  The data tariff package ordering site can be accessed free of charge even from abroad, therefore customers can be comprehensively informed about the available packages and their rates before actually using the roaming service.

The Travel&Surf tariff packages recommended by Telekom for using the Internet abroad offer more favourable rates than the ones specified in the EU Regulation, yet they continue to facilitate usage based Internet use as well, also in compliance with the regulations of the Union. The World GPRS Limit ensures that the roaming usage costs of Telekom’s customers should not exceed the HUF 19,580 value limit valid as of July 1. When the limit is reached, data usage is interrupted, of which the service provider sends a text message to its customers. If the customer desires, additional data usage is possible: it only requires that the user should select once again and activate one of the roaming data packages.

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