The best of the infocommunications professionals met in the Parliament

T-Systems Hungary - in collaboration with Magyar Telekom – was one of the key sponsors of the Parliament of the Information Society held for the fifth time, focusing this year on the topic of digital transformation. The event has been the most renowned meeting of the information society, government information technology, public administration organization and education policy with the participation of the government, the business and the civil society.

The best of the infocommunicationsThe two-day event held on 18th and 19th of June was opened by Minister of National Economy Mihály Varga, who highlighted in his speech that Hungary is in a favourable position to implement infocommunications objectives, as it has the necessary scientific background, as well as the innovative spirit. In addition, the Minister emphasised that as part of the Digital National Development Program (DNFP) the government promised to make available for every household internet access with 30 megabit per second broadband by 2018.

This year the event’s guest of honour was Malcolm Johnson, Deputy Secretary General of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), who introduced the objectives and future work of ITU, also in the light of the fact that the organization would bring its world summit to Budapest this fall.

Magyar Telekom was represented by Chief Executive Officer Christopher Mattheisen. As he emphasised in his speech, digital development is not only a global trend, but also a challenge. So far, the European regulatory environment placed consumer protection into focus, which has been unfavourable for competitiveness, for example with North America.  In the current environment however, Hungary may become a leader from an emerging country, and the Digital Hungary programme will also help the country in positioning on the digital market. To this end, digital infrastructure, services and development of competences have to be simultaneously managed.

After the plenary speeches, the participants were given the opportunity to attend lectures and roundtable talks in four breakout sessions sessions. The session discussing the development and challenges of the e-administration was attended by Péter Apor, Head of the Public Administration Branch of T-Systems Hungary. In his answer to the question, i.e. how prepared the infocommunications industry was to provide regulated electronic administration services, he said that that the capacities have been acquired but experiences still have to be obtained. It is important to coordinate the work in this field too, and to present flagship projects with time.

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