The three-hundredth self-service BKK ticket vending machine has been put into operation

Now that the most recently deployed machine has been put into operation the 24/7 operating ticket machine pool is complete in Budapest and its suburbs.

Zoltán NémethDr. Kálmán Dabóczi handed over the 300th new ticket and monthly pass self-service vending machine to the public on April 27, in the presence of BKK Zrt.’s CEO, Dr. Balázs Szeneczey, Deputy Mayor, Zoltán Németh, Chief Officer of T-Systems Hungary and the representatives of MasterCard, thereby the machine pool, operating 24/7 in Budapest and the suburbs, is now complete. The supplier of the machines is T-Systems Hungary.

One year ago, in March 2014, BKK Plc. started the deployment of the machines as an element of the new electronic ticket system, aligned to the new sales network and strategy. Owing to this the number of sales points that accept cash and bank card payment has been multiplied by six. The feedback of customers is positive which is best demonstrated by the fact that more and more people use the machines. Last year a total of 17 billion HUF was spent on tickets and passes with the use of the new payment option. BKK vending machines are preferred by its customers because they offer a modern and swift payment method. Feedback shows that customers like cash and bank card payment options alike and more and more of them use the invoicing feature as well.

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