While tens of thousands of Hungarian fans supported the Hungarian national team on the locations of the European Football Championship, by now the number of virtual heartbeats has exceeded 1.6 million, which is way above the most optimistic expectations. With the help of the Telekom “Cheering Heart” anyone can directly support the athletes with a single move, hashtag or pushbutton.

Szepleszfiu_2_252x142The “Cheering Heart” initiative of Telekom has exceeded all preliminary expectations. The purpose of the campaign was to strengthen the feeling of bonding between the athletes and the fans, to give faith and encouragement during the 3 months of the important international summer competitions. The success of the national football team has brought the fans together, so despite the defeat suffered in the eighth-final, “You’ve been great, guys”, and “You will be great, guys!” Telekom wants to strengthen the message that we have a successful team, and we trust that the future holds similar success stories, to say the least.

Following the victory over Austria, 200 thousand fans expressed their support for the Hungarian football team by sending a heart, whereas before and during the match against Iceland the number of heartbeats was doubled; the counter exceeded half a million before the Hungary vs. Portugal match and by last Friday it reached and passed 1 million. And by the end of the Sunday night match even this number was nearly doubled! According to the statistics of Telekom, quarter of the fans were recurring supporters; this way a virtual hardcore community was formed, who would have filled the tribunes of a real stadium on each match! We can send heartbeats to a cheering heart anytime from anywhere, using the website or by publishing a post with the #egyekvagyunk hashtag. If we enter the site from a smartphone, we can also increase the number of heartbeats by shaking the device. Virtual support or an encouraging message makes in each case the heart-shaped badge of the athlete flash and beat. This way our contestants and players will immediately know that someone is thinking about them, and feel that the entire country supports them.

As we did earlier to the handball players of Veszprém or the Ferencváros football players participating in the European Football Championship, during the next few weeks we can express our support with the Cheering Heart to the members of the Hungarian Olympic Team preparing for the games in Rio.

The Cheering Heart campaign was devised for Telekom by DDB, while Uniomedia is responsible for the PR tasks related to the campaign.

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