Your business data are safe in the cloud

“According to the surveys, one out of two SMBs knows about the potential efficiency provided by cloud services,” said T-Systems’s Deputy CEO in charge of ICT services, Géza Ragoncsa. Mr. Ragoncsa added that “a benefit offered by cloud services is that businesses do not have to invest significant amounts into IT.”

Géza Ragoncsa"In lack of cloud services, small businesses first have to buy an IT infrastructure before staring up their operation, which means they need work stations and a server – if they want to connect them – internet access and different applications, as well as at least one office system. They actually have to purchase all that, pay for them upfront and hire personnel to run and maintain them," enumerated the issues T-Systems’s Deputy CEO in charge of ICT services.

Géza Ragoncsa added that "in the context of cloud services, all they need is work stations, laptops, nothing else, as they can simply access their services, applications and storage space through the internet on the touch of a button, and pay only a monthly fee without any investment on their behalf."

"According to the surveys, 50% of the companies know about that and half of them find it an attractive option. Some just do not know about it, and those who do still have major concerns about data security. Businesses have reservations about managing their confidential, critical data in someone else’s system. They should not be concerned, as the cloud providers run their infrastructures professionally, so customers’ data are at least as secure with them, as they would, if managed by the businesses themselves," emphasized T-Systems’s Deputy CEO in charge of ICT services.

Géza Ragoncsa added that "it is obviously difficult to prove and only time will tell, but we used to be afraid of bankcards, too, and they do carry some risks, as they allow for some fraudulent use, but nobody refrains from using them for solely that reason anymore. Their use will become more widely accepted, as good examples emerge and their benefits become obvious along with the fact that the related risks are minimal and manageable."

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