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T-Systems Hungary would like to change untrustful Hungarian enterprises’ attitude towards cloud services with launching several new services that improve data security.

keleti_arthur_v2_252x142There is a direct relationship between the financial stability of enterprises and the safety of their digital data, i.e. if the data are secure this provides a firm background to safely pursue business activities.
“Managers should recognize this close relationship first” - said Arthur Keleti, T-Systems Hungary’s IT security strategist to Napi Gazdaság, who thinks that “the majority of Hungarian enterprises still not think of their digital data as a valuable asset and as long as this attitude is not changed they will not take proper care of the safety of such data”.

So first of all this attitude should be changed to encourage Hungarian small and medium enterprises to turn to operators that provide secure data services - even from the cloud - like T-Systems Hungary. However, Hungarian SMBs do not trust cloud services yet and think that their data are more safe if stored by themselves and managed by their experts instead of giving out this task to “external” experts. The attitude, culture in Hungary is completely different as opposed to Western Europe or the USA where enterprises do not build their own security system if they can procure it from the market - says Arthur Keleti.

According to the expert IT companies may offer much better conditions, even in a complex environment - even within the cloud - than the own data management system of a given company. Keleti says that SMBs are more safe from an operational and process security perspective if they use the services of professional companies. Based on the strategist’s expectations in the long-term companies will be more interested in services that offer higher data security.

T-Systems Hungary Plc. offers several services with which companies may further increase the quantity of their data. Such service is the InstantSecurity package that offers protection against DDoS server attacks. Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks are sometimes launched from several hundreds of thousand of coordinated clients and their primary objective is to overload and collapse the attacked server. T-Systems Hungary Plc.’s InstantSecurity service package offers a centrally managed anti-DDoS service that is far more effective than a simple company level protection.

Taking into account the increasing  complexity of IT systems and the number of  known vulnerabilities it is an increasingly bigger challenge to detect and investigate security incidents (like attempted external breaches and internal unauthorized access to data). Log files are of key importance to monitor the security status and activities within an IT system. Most organizations do not monitor these indicators continuously and analyze them only in case of serious incidents. T-Systems Hungary Plc.’s

InstantSecurity package includes log file collection and analysis tools to meet such challenges.

The Managed Border Protection is a combined security service that offers firewall, virus,- spam,- spyware protection and content filtering functions within a single service.

The solution is built on a central, high performance security system that is capable to manage several customers simultaneously. The central protection tools are located in T-Systems’ data center and are operated with the use of Magyar Telekom’s backbone network.


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