T-City Szolnok –The City of the Future

Ferenc SzalayT-City is the joint development and innovation program of Magyar Telekom and Szolnok with county powers running now for several years. It was launched in 2009 with the aim of developing and testing the most advanced telecommunication, IT and content services. The wide range of products and services simplify administration and drive the city’s economy. The city’s management and inhabitants help the developers with useful feedback during the program: the inhabitants, institutions and local government organizations involved in the program contribute their experiences to improve the services. The T-City project embraces, among others, the support of tourism, certain security services, optimization of the energy consumption of households and institutions, but there are also solutions that contribute to the preservation of health; we can mention an exceedingly popular solution, the intelligent City Card, which combines several functions in a single application.

„The aim of the local government in every area is to do its work at a level that complies with the spirit of our age. Therefore we have marked the use of info-communication services in the administration related to the population to be one of the areas to be improved. Magyar Telekom’s T-City program has been looking for solutions in the relationship of the population and the city that have become by now the part of everyday life, although so far no attempts have been made to apply them in the public sphere. The path offered for use has perfectly coincided with our intentions. The success of Szolnok T-City pilot project has been due to the fact that the population has supported the initiative and welcomed it with interest”- pointed out Szalay Ferenc, the city’s mayor.


T-City represents all of the new services and unique solutions offered by Magyar Telekom in different areas of life, e.g. health, finance, tourism, culture, transport and economy.
One of the main missions of T-City is to render the services realized available to increasingly broader layers of the city as well as to perceptibly simplify and make more comfortable everyday life; moreover, the innovations of T-City should reinforce the city’s long-term development strategy.

The main aim of T-City is to introduce and exploit the possibilities inherent in ICT in all areas of life: health, education, public administration, tourism, culture, transport and economy. In the Szolnok project we build the city of the future, where, in addition to the currently available info-communication technologies the most varied and forward looking developments appear in practice.


Comfort services

  • City Card—community card system integrated into the public transport ticketing system
  • Electronic invoice
  • MobileShopping
  • eVoting

Culture, entertainment, tourism

  • MobileCity (virtual city guide)
  • Roll-out of IP -based broadcasting systems for sports halls


  • Student identifying access control system
  • Safe places to go
  • Safe Clubbing initiative
  • CityGuard surveillance
  • Where is my car?—fleet tracking

Development of digital competencies

  • T-City Kids circles
  • Internet Academy

Sustainability and conscious management

  • Public lighting optimization
  • Optimal energy management

The benefits of the solutions in T-City Szolnok in a nutshell:

  • unique, dynamically changing content
  • convincing, authentic implementation capacity
  • attendance, live, accessible and viewable reference
  • complex, multi-layered and phased implementation
  • strong social responsibility - corporative characters
  • synergistic development of networks and other infrastructures, contents