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The most important element of the company’s health care product portfolio is the internally developed web-based e-MedSolution integrated hospital information system (HIS), which helped T-Systems Hungary to gain the market leader position in health information technology in Hungary. T-Systems Hungary has developed a public portal especially for e-MedSolution, through which patients can arrange appointments to various examinations, download their documentation and even those of their relatives upon proper authorization.

MedSol SMART elevates the user experience to a new level. The primary objective of system design was to create a system that supports seamless operation thereby keeping the patient in the focus of the operation.
MedSol SMART includes all features and updates that were requested during the use of previous generations of the solution that makes it a user-friendly, easily integrated, flexibly customizable, cost-cutting enabler and future oriented product that fulfills various needs at a very high quality level. T-Systems Hungary offers full-scope IT solutions together with MedSol SMART (workstations, servers, cloud services, network building etc.).


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