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Waste Mgmt copyThe solution enables efficient job control, embracing the whole process of waste collection and helps waste removing personnel differentiate between waste to be removed and waste not to be removed. An example for the latter is the case when service is suspended due to arrears in the payment for service; all the related information is displayed in a navigational map interface.

e4The application provides the driver of the collecting vehicle precise, map-based and updated information regarding the number of waste collecting bins to be emptied that day, their size and location and, to the extent necessary and on the basis of information retrieved from the corporate management system, the contractual relationship, as well as records extraordinary events on-line. Such extraordinary events become immediately accessible for customer service to support customer management.

The solution supports mainly day-to-day operative work, and, by collecting the proper information in the course of field work it helps reduce non-payment of fees, the elimination of frequent customer complaints and their expeditious management.

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