Analytical applications and business intelligence

The higher the number of electronic devices used in corporate and private processes, the greater is the data mass generated, which manifest themselves in various databases. The processing of this large data mass is becoming increasingly difficult even though the trends and statistical analyses they render possible may become crucial sources of information in business decision-making. In the future this will increase the significance of business intelligence, which is capable of turning chaos into intelligible data for use by corporate decision-makers.

User systems are becoming increasingly intelligent, easier to use owing to technologies such as web 2.0 and web portals that support team work and community thinking. Therefore, business intelligence (BI) will be present virtually everywhere enabling any representative of any business division to use the linked devices for report making with only limited IT or analytical skills. Easy use however is rendered a reality by the analytical applications running in the servers in the background by transforming the data into a form that may be digested by users without IT qualifications.

Our many years of experience, wide range of product and service portfolio, and our extensive R&D and innovative activities have greatly contributed to making T-Systems Hungary the largest market player in the field of individual business intelligence today. Given this position, we aim to offer full-scale BI and analytical services that satisfy the demands of our times from building website and data warehouse / data mart through various analytical applications and performance management solutions to securing data quality and data mining that can explore hidden correlations.

  • Data quality assurance
  • Data warehouse and data mart building
  • Information management
  • Network analysis
  • Reporting