Application operation services

Apart from being directly relieved from the burdens of basic IT tasks, corporations that outsource their operation and other IT activities also experience an improvement in the quality of devices and information supplied to their end users. Being relieved from having to attend to operative tasks relating to the IT infrastructure, applications, or even the entire IT, companies can now focus entirely on their primary operations that produce their profits and can more effectively manage their resources. This they can do while resting assured that the operation of their IT system is in the hands of professionals and is run along clearly defined service levels.

T-Systems Hungary has been paying great attention to the continuous support and operation of all systems whether they are supplied by them in-house or are developed and installed by other suppliers. The company has developed its support and operation services in line with the demands of its clients.

With its own in-house developed applications, the company also provides application support, whose terms and conditions are defined in a service agreement concluded in consideration of the individual needs of the clients.

T-Systems Hungary's hosting and collocation services include all server-related tasks from area or server-based placement through server hosting to the provision of replacement computers and value added services.

In addition to ensuring exceptionally high-level server room availability, it is also very important for us to be able to provide auxiliary services that promote the improved system operation, availability and comfort of access.

One of the most important IT trends of our times is IT public utility, in other words cloud based services (SaaS, CCaaS, BAaaS), which enable businesses to use software applications without investing in hardware and software tools and without running its own operations for a monthly fee based on actual use.

The company is constantly expanding its range of cloud-based business applications (BAaas), communications and team work (CCaaS), infrastructure (IaaS, SECaaS) products with its own and its partners' services.The most complex level of services it provides entails the full performance of a given business activity wherein the company not only supplies a business application, but also the trained personnel to complete tasks. This is known as business process outsourcing (BPO), which T-Systems has been providing successfully for a long time.

As part of support, our operators receive and monitor the handling of "incidents" 24/7, constantly checking compliance with the service level undertaken. The supported systems include continuously operating, business critical bank systems as well.