Application packages

The development of IT support systems gave birth to industrial standards that are based on operating patterns that have already been tested and proven correct in many companies and, in consideration of the experiences of many hundreds of thousands of users, have been polished into a reliable and cost-effective system of devices.

By introducing general and sectoral application packages, T-Systems Hungary is making its recognised international and domestic partners and its own in-house business applications, products, and services widely available across the sector. Customisation to suit specific client needs is achieved through parametrization, configuration enabling a much faster introduction and adoption by the application of internationally tested and approved operating models. If necessary, the special, fully-customised version can be attained by modifications effected at system level. The packages may be used in areas, in which we can pick from similar, de facto standard operating process and function elements. In addition to the widespread popularity of individual operative and analytic applications, package applications developed to support particular knowledge domains are now becoming increasingly sought after solutions by clients.

Building on the environmental experiences of industrial application, we offer a full life-cycle solution from the selection and planning of the application that meets business needs through introduction and integration in the corporate environment to operation.

In increasing numbers, our business applications may be purchased in the conventional way of ordering and paying for the applications and having them installed on-site, but they are also available for a monthly fee in the form of cloud service.

Main fields of expertise

  • System/Module selection
  • Business process survey and reengineering
  • Advice on introduction
  • Customisation and introduction of applications, data migration from legacy systems
    Integration of package applications into corporate environments
  • Preparation for and implementation of version upgrades
  • Outsourced operation of enterprise resource planning and customer relationship management systems
  • Application operation
  • Application hosting

Product portfolio

Enterprise resource planning

  • Oracle e-business Suite
  • SAP All in One
  • SAP Business One

Customer relationship management

  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM
  • Oracle Siebel CRM
  • T-Systems Hungary ICCM

Sectoral packages

  • Oracle Flex Cube banking basic system
  • OCLC OLIB library information system
  • Industry-independent solutions