Operative application development and integration

Beside ready-made package applications for general use, there is ongoing demand for individual solutions to meet special requirements. Today however individual applications can cooperate with other systems of the IT environment that perform subtasks. The involvement of business actors in the endpoint to endpoint processes, the transparency and measurability of key processes, and the demand for fast business reaction calls for the linking of the individual applications via various integrating techniques.

The elaboration of individual solutions to meet special business needs and their integration into the given environments require high professional knowledge and a level of deep trust, in other words close and intensive client-supplier relations. This is not only a challenge for our application development and application integration team, but also a source of motivation.

Thanks to its predecessors, T-Systems Hungary has more than a decade of experience in both the private and the public sectors, in the development of individual operative solutions meeting special needs, and in the implementation of traditional and service-based integration solutions. Equipped with a deep understanding of the businesses, processes and client organisations of the particular areas of application, our consultants and trained experts can plan and implement solutions that meet expectations in all respects.

Corporate mobilisation is a key trend today.  Smartphones, tablets, and laptops with mobile internet connections enable users to access corporate and other applications from any location. The new generation devices revolutionise the use and user experience of applications. One of the key directions of innovation for T-Systems Hungary is mobilisation. The company places great emphasis on the development of mobile applications and security solutions of mobile devices.

The role played by the predecessors in the dispersal of the new technologies in Hungary, the diversity of experiences we gained throughout the years, our wide range of technological and product portfolio, and our extensive innovative activities have all contributed to making T-Systems Hungary the largest market player in the field of individual application development and application integration today. Our company is the only actor on the Hungarian integration market which has the necessary knowledge and references in all sub-areas including data and core data integration.

Main fields of expertise

  • Web applications
  • Distributed multi-layer systems
  • Process controlled applications (BPR, BPM, Workflow)
  • Service-based integration and application development (SOA, BPM)
  • Service-based Front-End solutions
  • User, authorisation and access integration (IDM)
  • Central core data management (MDM, CDI, PIM)
  • Website-based integration, user interface integration
  • Classic application integration (EAI)
  • Design and implementation of service-based corporate infrastructure

Supported platforms

  • JavaEE
  • Microsoft .NET

Our technological portfolios

  • IBM WebSphere
  • Microsoft .NET
  • Oracle Fusion
  • SAP NetWeaver
  • Key Open Source platforms and frameworks

Supported mobile platforms

  • iOS
  • Android
  • Microsoft