System integration and application development services

In the course of creating complex IT solutions, the most complex service activity that requires the greatest degree of responsibility and competence is system integration carried out as a principal contractor. T-Systems Hungary is the professional system integrator with the widest range of product and technological portfolio on the domestic market; in all complex system integration projects that extend to the entire life cycle of the IT, the company is building on its thorough market knowledge and its professional and industry knowledge gained in the course of diverse project implementation.

Today, the IT services extended to business are so deeply integrated that decent business management that can meet the requirements of our times is simply unimaginable without IT support. For this very reason, the seamless operation of business depends largely on the effectiveness of IT support. However, for the effective performance of IT, it is essential that the requirements of the business division be clearly and unambiguously articulated, which is often prevented because of the different languages used by the two sets of players. This can be improved by business consulting and analysis as our advisors speak the languages of both professions and can therefore effectively communicate the needs of business to IT. As a result, significant cost savings can be achieved with increased effectiveness and improved quality. In recent years, the expansion of business consultant activities was a clear strategic direction for development at T-Systems Hungary; as a result, today our advisors work together with the clients on projects relating to business problems and the relevant subtasks of system integration projects.

When designing complex ICT solutions, thorough system technical, architectural and technological planning is a must in order to elaborate the solutions that create business value for clients and are also optimised to meet their demands, IT environment and budget. This is where our extensive IT consulting activity can further our projects and be of assistance to IT managers of our clients.

One of the critical areas of success of large-scale and complex application introduction, application development, and application integration projects is software life cycle support. The aim is to produce and record large numbers of software components in the specific phases - such as analysis, planning, implementation, testing and introduction - and then constantly check their compliance. T-Systems Hungary applies modern software life cycle support devices and internationally accepted methodologies and - owing to the past of its predecessors - is capable of supporting its own and its clients' projects through experience gained over many years.

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