Cloud-based services

Cloud_IT_Portfolio_s.jpg Would you like to build your company's IT infrastructure either in full or in part without investment ? Would you like to have access to simple-to-use software solutions? Or would you rather outsource your corporate processes? Working in close cooperation with Magyar Telekom, T-Systems Hungary offers remotely accessible, continuous and reliable IT solutions that require no investment and are available as a service.

Cloud services without investment for a monthly fee

Cloud-based services provide a solution for the IT needs of companies without the need for initial investment against a flat-rate monthly fee defined in consideration of the services used.

The cloud-based services of T-Systems Hungary are

  • complete: the full range of cloud-based services are offered from infrastructure through communication-collaboration services to complex business application services. Furthermore, with the help of T-Systems Hungary, complete business processes may be outsourced into the cloud, which is a unique solution.
  • dynamic: our cloud-based solutions are always up-to-date, our services are continuously being expanded in accordance with the latest industry trends.
  • flexible: you pay for the service you actually use. The number of services and resources may be flexibly altered as your needs may change even month after month.
  • reliable: the continuous and failure-free operation of our cloud-services are guaranteed by the high-reliability servers operating in the largest and most modern data centre of Central Eastern Europe and the high-level professional background of the T-Group.
  • endpoint to endpoint operation: uniquely on the Hungarian market, we also provide landline and mobile communications to enable you to access your cloud services therefore if you purchase your communication solutions from T-Systems Hungary, then we can guarantee you access to the services from endpoint to endpoint.

Why choose T-Systems Hungary?

Safety, reliability, and accountability. If a company entrusts critical business applications, sensitive data to a cloud provider, the elements of safety and guarantee are crucial. Being a 100% subsidiary to Magyar Telekom, T-Systems Hungary is a company that is capable of guaranteeing this level of complexity from the server park to software operation. The data and IT security is guaranteed by the exceptionally high and proven expertise of our employees and by sporting Central Europe's most protected, controlled and largest data centre.