T-Systems Hungary's cloud portfolio

The cloud portfolio of T-Systems Hungary

Cloud IT Portfolio T-Systems Hungary has a continuously developing cloud portfolio unique on the Hungarian market. Services include solutions developed in-house and by partner companies as well. We offer the full range of cloud models to our clients from public cloud services through private cloud solutions developed to meet individual needs to hybrid solutions requiring the most complex of integrations.

Cloud IT Connectivity – the very basis of the cloud

ACloud services are worthless unless they are reliably available 24/7. Uniquely amongst all Hungarian ICT companies, T-Systems Hungary is capable of providing reliable communication and cloud-based IT services at the same time. Linked services:

  • TS IP Complex Plus
  • TS Multiflex Internet
  • IVD voice telecommunications service

Infrastructure services - IaaS

If your company needs dynamically changing calculation capacities, temporary resources or reliable backup services, you are sure to find what you are looking for in our cloud-based infrastructure services.
Linked services:

Security services

In the planning of cloud-services, security is among the first issues clients enquire about. Will my data be safe in a cloud? Will I be able to access my data and applications whenever I want to? T-Systems Hungary is a perfectionist in respect of security and reliability as well, as it relies on its vast large corporate experience. Our clients' data are just as safe in the cloud as in their own data centre.
Linked services:

Communication and collaboration services

If your company would like to enjoy modern communication and collaboration services without the need for major investment, which can boost your employee productivity while save you on travel costs, the best solution for your company is to use communication services available in a cloud. Being a leading ICT corporation, T-Systems Hungary continuously offers the most modern solutions at a flat-rate monthly fee. Linked services:

  • VideoGate open video network solution
  • e-mail
  • Document sharing, team work (MS SharePoint)
  • Unified communication and collaboration (MS Lync)
  • Secure mobile mail
  • Call & Contact Center

Business application-services

T-Systems Hungary makes business critical applications (CRM, ERP, etc.) also available to its clients on a cloud-basis for a flat-rate monthly fee. This arrangement renders it possible for clients to use their applications in a calculable and plannable service package without the need for major investment. Linked services:

Business process services

  • Payroll calculation
  • HR


 Tamás   Nagy


Tamás Nagy

Head of Competence Center , Contact Center Solutions

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