Hosting and colocation services

Be it an SME or a multinational company, professional storage and protection of internal data and information is vital for any enterprise today. T-Systems's hosting and colocation services offer a full-scope solution for secure data storage and enable your company's system manager to monitor the servers at any time of the day and, when necessary, to intervene into their operation.

Adatközponti szolgáltatások T-Systems's hosting and colocation services include all server-related tasks ranging from area or server-based placement through server lease to providing replacement machines and offering value-added services.

It is important for us to provide, in addition to the extra high availability of our server rooms, supplementary services aimed at improving the operation, ease of access and availability of systems.

T-Systems's hosting and colocation services are based at the T-Systems Data Park server rooms, as follows:

  • Data Park Budapest, 1052 Budapest, Petőfi Sándor u. 17-19.
  • Data Park Budapest II. (T-Systems), 1087 Budapest, Asztalos Sándor u. 13.
  • Data Park Győr, 9022 Győr, Teleki László u. 36.
  • Data Park Szeged, 6724 Szeged, Rókusi krt. 2-10.

Being the major Hungarian provider of information infrastructure colocation, T-Systems’s facility in Budapest offers the highest technological level available in the world with a secure, reliable, cost-efficient way of conquering new markets. The hardware used by the customer (generally server) is physically located at the service provider’s premises instead of the customer’s own premises.

The physical environment needed for safe operation is guaranteed in the server rooms:

  • Uninterruptible power supply,
  • Air-conditioned environment,
  • Fire protection equipment,
  • Physical security system,
  • 24-hour operator and security monitoring,
  • High-speed access to national and foreign internet backbone networks needed for running modern applications.

Customers targeted by the hosting and colocation services of T-Systems

We recommend our service to SMEs and large enterprises where continuous reliable functioning of servers is vital for daily operations.

  • Companies that want to bring existing PC-based machines to the T-Systems Data Park can place them on shelves or in racks.
  • Companies that do not want to make a huge one-off investment for IT development can use our server lease service.
  • Customers that need complete server rooms can use our area-based colocation service.

Benefits offered by the service

  • Perfect safety: data are placed in continuously-monitored servers running in a permanently-guarded server room.
  • Computers connected to the internet can run at high speed.
  • Attractive price/value ratio.
  • Cost-efficient solution since server placement is cheaper than delivering similarly professional conditions for your servers.
  • High availability: 99.999% (permitted annual downtime: 5.26 minutes).
  • The service provider guarantees and is accountable for the service level.
  • Leased server offered free of charge under the server lease service.
  • Wide range of services designed according to your IT needs.
  • Professionalism and experience.