Convergent communication

Telepresence T-Systems Hungary Ltd.'s convergent communication activity encompasses all voice and video transmission technologies ranging from IP voice communication systems through Unified Communications solutions to Telepresence systems that are a real alternative to personal meetings.

The practical output of convergence is a collaboration infrastructure involving both personal contacts and business processes that is accessible for all according to needs.

Convergence is one of the most frequently used terms by developers, manufacturers and traders operating in the field of ICT. What do we mean by convergence?

  • Convergence in terms of technologies: Different manufacturers in different areas have different approaches to development – some from the side of telecommunications, others from the side of IT.
  • Convergence in terms of networks: Physical networks and their connected components, active devices manage IT and telecommunications connections on a unified basis..
  • Convergence in terms of transmitted signals: Up-to-date convergent networks are enabled for transmission of voice, data and video signals..
  • Convergence in terms of wired and wireless technologies: The latest solutions enable the integrated use of wired, WiFi and GSM networks.
  • Convergence in terms of applications: New convergent communication solutions enable the use of infocommunication and collaboration applications from different manufacturers.

Development of convergent communication systems is by far not an end in itself since these integrated systems

  • are integrated into corporate business processes and efficiently support them,
  • improve their effectiveness and efficiency,
  • bring a competitive edge over competitors.

All these capabilities and benefits inspire us to consider protection of the Earth to the greatest extent when developing our successful activities. When introducing our products and solutions we integrate recommendations for sustainable development, when developing our solutions our major goal is to maximise energy saving, protect the environment and minimise emission of pollutants.


  • Unified Communication
  • IP telephony
  • Mobility
  • Mobile working
  • Mobile Device Management
  • Call and contact centers
  • Video communication solutions
  • Videogate (open video network service)
  • Telepresence systems
  • Digital Media Signage