T-Systems’ Data Centre services

Who can benefit from our data centre services?

We offer services to all enterprises, from small businesses to large corporations, which consider the continuous and reliable operation of their servers essential for their daily business. The professional storage and protection of classified data and information is crucial for every business. Our hosting, co-location and cloud-based services offer a seamless solution for secure data storage and allow the IT operations of your company to monitor the servers at any time of the day and to intervene in their operation if it is necessary.

What is T-Systems’ Data Centre?

T-Systems’ Data Centre is the market leader in ICT infrastructure outsourcing in Hungary and the CEE region, representing the highest global technological standards. To complement our customers’ existing resources, we offer technical support adjusted to user needs on a 7x24 basis, the highest level of security and a variety of value-added services. The Data Centre has been operating without any downtime for ten years, and 85 percent of the servers operated in Hungary are located here. The pillars of Data Centre services supply are redundant electricity, air conditioning, high-standard safety and fire detection/suppression. Recently, energy efficiency is increasingly in focus given the need to optimize the customer consumption and costs, and to improve sustainability. With the help of our services, you can cost efficiently locate your ICT equipment and gain a competitive edge in business.


Why choose the T-Systems’ Data Centre?

  • High-level security – You can store your sensitive data in secure server rooms monitored by security guards on round-the-clock patrol service
  • You can operate your server infrastructure through high-speed Internet and leased-line connections
  • As no initial cost is charged, our data centre services can improve your financial flexibility.99.999 percent availability for electricity and cooling (5.26 minutes permitted downtime annually)
  • Service level ensured by T-Systems
  • A broad range of services tailored to your specific IT requirements
  • “Pay-as-you-go” commercial model in co-location and cloud services (pay as much as you use.Experience and know-how
  • Over 30 telecommunications service providers in place

What should I know about T-Systems’ Data Centre?

The data centre of T-Systems is located at No. 13 Asztalos Sándor Street in Budapest, available for our customers on a total technical area of 14,400 square metres on two levels.

The facility is positioned to give easy access to the backbone fibre networks of data communications and telecommunications service providers.

Keeping the customer’s requirement for maximum security and availability in mind, the building and support infrastructure were designed according to the N+1 philosophy, automatically providing the appropriate service level.

The interior of the building was designed for quick and easy network cabling installations and provides for flexible solutions with a 60-80 cm raised floor.

The wide range of technical systems deployed within the data centre are monitored round the clock by the engineers of T-Systems. Their task of maintaining 100% availability is greatly supported by the building management system, which monitors more than 17,000 physical sensor points.

The Building Management System (BMS) provides valuable and timely information about all electrical and mechanical engineering systems, including alarms for possible escalation in case a failure occurs.

The Data Centre was granted the Energy Efficient Company Award in 2013.

How does the T-Systems Data Center as a facility operate?

Electrical system

T-Systems is supplied by ELMÜ (main local power supplier) via two power substations along with a spare feed, with a total transformer capacity of 19,600 kVA. Power is supplied from a transformer station located on the site, and it is protected against outages by an Uninterruptible Power Supply (MGE UPS) system and Diesel generators.

In case of a power supply failure, 5 Caterpillar and 5 Cummins Power generators, each with over 2,000/2,500 VA capacity, supply the Data Centre with power at full capacity for 72 hours before refuelling is necessary. The generators are pre-heated and start automatically whenever an outage is detected, with the number of generators put into operation based on the current load requirement, and in keeping with the N+1 philosophy, a back-up generator is also started. The generators are enclosed in separate containers insulated to prevent excess noise and protected against extreme weather conditions. They start operation and synchronize within 3 minutes following a power outage. To bridge this 3-minute gap in power disruption, a central UPS system has been installed. The MGE UPS system is the largest one in Central and Eastern Europe and can supply the full capacity of the Data Centre for 10 minutes, allowing plenty of time for the generators to take over. The UPS system is totally redundant, having two independent systems to guarantee protection. From the UPS system, power is distributed through a 1000 Amp/1600 Amp bus bar system to the Power Distribution Units (PDUs). The bus bar system runs under the raised floor in the corridors of the building, providing the possibility of two separate feeds.

Air Conditioning System

The entire building is air conditioned and the cooling system is backed-up by an N+1 configuration. Temperature and humidity control in the customer areas are maintained with a STULZ air conditioning system connected to a closed chilled-water system used for air cooling. CARRIER industrial water chillers provide chilled water, which is distributed using a redundant water pumping system.

Customer areas are cooled by heavy-duty air handling units, which filter and chill the air. Filtering the circulated air is critical to ensure a dust-free environment throughout the facility. It is done in two steps, using EU-5 standard filters and EU-4 standard sack filters. A temperature of 22°C +/- 2°C is constantly maintained.

Fire Detection and Suppression

The facility is equipped with the highest quality fire detection and suppression system available on the market. The fire detection system employs the V.E.S.D.A. (Very Early Smoke Detection Alarm) technology, which uses laser detectors to constantly sample the air for smoke particles. In the case of an actual fire, the suppression system releases a nitrogen based gas within 30 seconds. The system drastically reduces the oxygen content of the air in the room to a level which makes the spread of the fire impossible. System efficiency is further increased by 1-hour fire-resistant doors and walls. The INERGEN gas suppression is smart-controlled by automatic valves: the inert gas is passed only to the affected area, thus distinguishing the areas beneath the raised floor and above the suspended ceiling. The gas is harmless to both humans and equipment, does not damage the environment and allows access to the area shortly after the suppression.


Security guards protect the Data Centre 24x7 and the interior and exterior of the facility is monitored through a CCTV system. The video content transmitted by all cameras is archived and can be easily replayed for evaluation. Employees and visitors are logged in and continuously monitored while on the site, to ensure constant control of all critical points and routes. In addition to the security provided by a perimeter fence and a remote-controlled gate, potential intrusion by force is prevented by concrete pillars and hydraulic delta road blockers. After passing through a metal detector, the single point of entry to the Data Centre is through a turn-stile. Access to the building is only possible after positive personal identification and following the issue of a personal identification badge, which allows a record made of every entry to and exit from the building.


Currently, you can choose from among 30 telecommunications service providers at T-Systems’ Data Centre. Many of them have redundant fibre access to T-Systems’ Data Centre, allowing the reliable use of bandwidth telecommunications services.

What are the available services in T-Systems’ Data Centre?


Hosting service

Rack package - Our customers can locate their own IT equipment in a professional environment provided by us (shelf- or rack-based).With the help of our physical server leasing services, you can replace your obsolete systems with excellent-quality HP or Fujitsu servers, thus avoiding expensive investment as well as hardware operation problems.

Co-location service

The leased area is easily variable according to your requirements; it can be from one rack cabinet to a caged, dedicated private area.T-Systems’ Data Centre’s operators are responsible for infrastructure operation round the clock on 7 days a week.

In the co-location area special services are available as Business Continuity Services (BCS). Within BCS a number of workplaces – specified in the BCS lease agreement - can be leased in a separately configured office room dedicated or non-dedicated (shared). If needed, the staff comes and picks up business flows and continue work as usual until all obstacles are removed.

Infrastructure cloud service

Infrastructure services for corporate customers: highly redundant and flexible infrastructure, designed for public, private or hybrid cloud configurations. The customer’s on-premise, co-located own infrastructure can be combined with either physical or virtual servers without hard limitations. All infrastructure elements are redundant to avoid single-point failures.
Customized virtual servers are also available with performance guarantee. (For example: 2vCPU processing capability, 4 Gbyte RAM.) Storage capacity options can be chosen individually for each virtual server.Virtual servers are provided in the form of virtual data centres, with customers subscribing for processing capability. The customer decides which virtual data centre resources to use. (For example: 20 GHz processing capability, 80 Gbyte RAM, 15 Tbyte storage can be used for any number of virtual servers between 1 and 200 depending on customer requirement and configuration.

Storage capacity is available not only for virtual, but also for physical servers via Fibre Channel. Disk redundancy levels and organization can be freely configured, and a shared disk space is also available for low-performance high-capacity configurations.

Backup services are available for custom RPO/RTO configurations, also capable of online database backups or system-state backups.

A custom-configured firewall service is available, through either dedicated virtual or shared firewall. Physical firewalls are also available for rent.

Other infrastructure cloud services:

  • VPN service
  • Load balance service
  • Disaster Recovery solutions
  • Business Continuity solutions