Intelligent buildings

Inteligent buildings The structured cabling system and IP communication functions of modern buildings are increasingly known as the fourth public utility, since the role they play is as important as that of water, gas or electricity..

The IP backbone network carries not only convergent communication, but also physical security and building engineering control signals use the IP protocol for communication with the intelligent central controlling unit. With the integration of various systems an “intelligent building” offers more services to people working there and can be operated with higher security and lower costs.

T-Systems Hungary Ltd.’s objective is to help constructors, contractors, building operators and building users design modern, economical office buildings. Delivery and system integration of communication systems, quality cabling infrastructure, qualified physical security systems are offered under our core activity, while building engineering control signals are interfaced to the backbone network by our partner companies. This activity also includes design and construction of data centres and server rooms.

Intelligent building solutions

  • Structured cabling systems
  • Integrated physical security equipment
  • Intelligent buildings, energy management
  • Data centres, machine rooms
  • Printer solutions