IT service and system management

IT service and system managementThe objective of introduction of service and system management is to improve the efficiency of IT operation, which includes the following:

  • Reducing overlaps between the processes of operating organisations,
  • Increasing the transparency of IT operation, making the operation level (SLA) measurable and thereby ensuring accountability,
  • Supporting administrative activities (e.g. incident management, device and licence management),
  • Fast fault report, automatic alarm to decrease downtimes,
  • Detecting potential errors before their occurrence (monitoring, incident management),
  • Executive level information supply.

Service and system management services

  • Measuring and reporting business services
  • IT process support and device management
  • Integrated monitoring and management solutions

Our experience shows that efficiency of IT operation can significantly be improved only when monitoring services are introduced according to a predefined schedule and unified concept, based on the operational priorities of users (network, desktop, server management, IT service management, incident management, other system management solutions).
T-Systems Hungary Ltd. possesses outstanding experience in the introduction of IT service management systems, management of IT systems, construction and operation of these systems.
We support our customers in the preparation of introduction and design of associated processes. Our methodology is fully compatible with modern international IT operation recommendations (ITIL).
It is important to us that we always offer the highest professional standard, which is why our professionals are continuously trained in the latest management technologies and methodologies and their practical application.

 Krisztián   Szűcs


Krisztián Szűcs

Chief engineer , T-Systems Hungary

Tel: +36 30 864 2129

Tel: +36 30 864 2129

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