Localized SAP Business One Solution in South-Eastern Europe - THESIS ERP

Business opportunity for our partners

Localised SAP Buisness One SolutionT-Systems Hungary is a market leader in the provision of ICT solutions in Hungary. Our products, services and solutions are used primarily by companies, the institutions of public administration and business organisations thinking in longer perspectives. Our professional competences, modern tools and instruments, and approximately 2000 highly qualified specialists provide a secure and safe ICT background to about 5500 customers. As our company seeks to expand its footprint in South Eastern Europe, we have established a strategic partnership with SAP AG.

localised_sap_business_01_520T-Systems Hungary has become a strategic partner of SAP AG for the provision of SAP Business One services in the SEE region.

We have undertaken to develop localized versions for SAP B1 - THESIS ERP - for the countries concerned, to implement it, and to provide consulting, support and other related services locally.

This contract allows us build a massive local retail network in an effort to lay the foundations of long-term strategic partnerships. We are looking for partners who can help us develop the THESIS ERP business in the region, in sales as well as in implementation and support services.


T-Systems Hungary provides ICT services in a uniquely wide scope in the region. As a company offering full-scale SAP competences, it is the most suitable partner for all those who can see a business opportunity in the THESIS ERP service.


THESIS ERP is the affordable world-class enterprise resource planning software solution for the small and medium enterprise market developed by T-Systems Hungary Ltd. in cooperation with SAP.

In simple terms, THESIS ERP is built on SAP Business One, and beside the standard functionality it includes the full translation of the user interface to local language. It is also made fully compliant with the local legislative system. Continuous compliance with the laws and regulations are assured by T-Systems Hungary in cooperation with the local branch of a Big4 consulting company.

The solution is available on version 9.x, databases available are SQL and HANA.

The Region


Croatia, Montenegro, Albania, Romania, Macedonia, Bosnia–Herzegovina, Serbia, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Kosovo and Moldova


  1. Localized solutions for South-Eastern European countries, including support
  2. Compliance with the local statutes and regulations
  3. Available in the local languages
  4. Local advisory teams
  5. Maintenance ensures continuity in compliance with the local regulations
  6. Pricing custom-tailored to the region
  7. Maintenance ensures a steady flow of revenues.

For further information, please contact our colleagues.

If you would like to hear further details or have any questions to make, please feel free to contact our staff:
Barna Rátkai - International Sales Manager +36 30 732 7942, ratkai.barna@t-systems.hu

Ákos Madarász - SAP Business One Expert +36 30 932 7037, madarasz.akos@pp.t-systems.hu


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