HotspotThe Internet has become an indispensable part of everyday life. Reliable, fast Internet access can today already be needed not only at home or in the office but it also happens that you must also use it immediately in cafes, restaurants, hotels and on business trips.

Travel & Surf

Travel & SurfYou and your colleagues can already go online even abroad, at low, predictable costs on business trips and holidays. Using our Travel & Surf packages everyone can surf the Internet on laptops or mobile phones at fixed daily or weekly fees.

Business Mobile Internet Services

Business Mobile Internet Services Using the broadband T-Mobile network you can go online conveniently, without compromise. Choose mobile Internet and be online freely in your office, at home or on the move, using a notebook, desktop PC or even your mobile phone!

Business Landline Network Internet Services

Business Landline Network Internet ServicesThe Internet nowadays is part of our everyday life and has become a public utility. Choose one of our Internet offers, which contain both reliable, high-speed packages and cost-effective solutions.

Landline and Mobile Employee Internet Fleet

Landline and Mobile Employee Internet Fleet Choose one of our landline or mobile Internet packages and take advantage of the unique prices!