Vehicle fleet positioning

Vehicle fleet positioningUsing the fleet positioning service, you can determine the geographic position in Hungary of mobile phones subscribed to the Telekom network using GSM or GPS technology-based procedures, and view the exact position of the mobile device on an electronic map by means of a specially-developed Internet application. Individual settings can be configured by the client-side administrator, ensuring the tracking service is tailored to your needs.


M2MM2M is the abbreviation for machine-to-machine, i.e. it refers to communication between computers. It can be applied in numerous economic fields and business solutions, e.g. for data transmission, distance-measurement, remote monitoring. Mobile technology development, company efforts for increasing efficiency and the continuous search for new business solutions facilitate the spreading of these services even more.


TelemetryThe need for remote reading, remote control and for low cost message systems, respectively, is gradually increasing. The telemetry service satisfies these needs through solutions based on efficient industry modems and control software.