Mobile enterprise applications

News, finances

News, financesWith the use of smartphones we can stay in touch with the world 24 hours a day: we do not need to wait for the next news block or get back to our computers to visit our favourite news portals.

Mobile e-mail

Mobile e-mail E-mail is the main means of internal communication in many companies. For this very reason, the longer one is denied access to company mails, the less likely he/she will be able to support business processes, and will sooner or later become a hindrance. Corporate e-mail solutions (Microsoft Exchange, IBM Lotus Domino, etc.) provide great ways to manage e-mail messages on smartphones and tablets.

Mobile security and protection of information

Mobile security and protection of information With the widespread use of mobile mailing software and other corporate applications, smartphones will soon be storing valuable corporate data even if - as will often be the case - temporarily. It is enough to think of telephone contact lists, call lists or stored test messages today to see that our mobile phones contain - even for months - and may disclose quite a lot of personal information about ourselves.

Calendar synchronisation

Calendar synchronisation In order to synchronise the data between your mobile phone and your computer, there is no need for these devices to be connected by cable or bluetooth: with the help of wireless calendar synchronisation, which is typically linked to your e-mail software, the calendar in the two devices will be constantly updated. You can make changes in any of your devices, the other corresponding device will immediately reflect the modifications.

Contact list

Contact list In the contact list of our mobile telephones we tend to store names and telephone numbers we collect over a period of many years - and for that matter, we may not store them anywhere else - and we only realise how important that list was when we lose them together with our telephone. For this reason, it is particularly important to keep a backup copy of our contact list.

Integrated desktop and mobile telephony

Integrated desktop and mobile telephony It would seem absurd today if our computers, laptops, and smartphones each had their own associated e-mail addresses yet our mobiles and desktop telephones run on different numbers, the two systems operate independently and we weigh up different considerations when deciding which of the two to use.

Leader dashboard applications

Leader dashboard applications Through MDM security-enabled tablets and secure VPN connections, exciting areas of use are opening up for various leading positions in the company. Real-time monitoring of financial indices through the mobile clients of SAP and even BI systems; the advantages of these are already enjoyed by the top management of many Hungarian large corporations.

Workflow applications

Workflow applications Quite a lot of large Hungarian companies have changed over from paper-based processes to the use of mobile applications. Let us just think of larger mail-order companies or even Hungarian Post. But we can even see mobile applications being used by insurance claims inspectors who can record a time stamp and add geographical coordinates of the insurance incidents to the photographic images taken by mobile devices.

Mobile audio recording

Mobile audio recording In the world of business, verbal agreements are quite common even though the concept of having your voice recorded is usually associated with banks, brokerage firms and various call centres. Although mobility is limited in call centres, the reception of orders on mobile devices by brokers attests to the undeniable advantages of being able to receive calls on devices other than desktop tools.


NavigationGPS navigation has become a basic function of smartphones. Many manufacturers provide pre-installed navigation software while professional navigation applications are also available in a few clicks through online marketplaces. When compared with PNAs - the most popular hand-held devices of the recent past -, smartphones clearly come out on top in all respect (hardware, screen size, navigation software).