Private Networks


GigaLinkGigaLink is the high speed, leased line city service of T-Systems, applying international-standard optical fibre technology. It is primarily beneficial in a metropolitan environment but as a consequence of its increasing penetration and technological flexibility smaller settlements can also be served. GigaLink is suitable for the installation of high capacity, 100 Gbit/s leased lines on the basis of the T-Systems optical network. We offer this service for users and service providers, who experience large data traffic, handle huge databases and high quality multimedia content. Our service is ideal for providing high speed access to remote servers.

Integrated Voice – Data Service

Integrated Voice – Data Service The integrated voice – data service adds voice transmission to the data transmission and Internet services. Using this service voice and data can be transmitted between the company’s premises via the same connection independently of the public telephone network however it is also suitable for handling voice traffic for the public PSTN/ISDN and mobile networks.

High Speed Leased Line

High Speed Leased LineHSLL offers standard, high speed, point to point digital leased line service nationwide or even internationally at a speed selectable from 2 – 34 – 45 – 140 – 155 Mbit/s with guaranteed availability which can further be increased by double access on optical networks. The transmission is bit transparent and protocol-independent. It can be recommended for those who want to build their own private network serving voice, data, video and multimedia applications with their own network equipment (e.g. routers).

Mobile Data Transmission Services

Mobile Data Transmission ServicesDo not let geographical barriers hinder your business! Using our mobile data transmission services, you can develop your company, with no compromise, into a modern company operating with little constraint. We recommend it for those companies whose staff would also like to be able to reach their corporate e-mail when out of office and need access to the corporate databases also on the go.

Mobile Back-up

Mobile Back-up The mobile back-up solution facilitates continuous communication and work between especially important premises, even in the event of unexpected malfunction. We recommend this solution for those companies which prefer as a secondary access a technical solution, ensuring symmetric physical access, independent of the primary wired network.

Fixed Data Network and Internet Services

Fixed Data Network and Internet ServicesThe data network and Internet service is a virtual private network service offering solutions for all of your company’s telecommunication needs. By means of this, all in-company data communication – both inland and international – can be transacted via a single company network which provides Internet access as well.