Video Conference and Multimedia

Digital Media Signage

Digital Media SignageUsing our Digital Media Signage (DMS) solution actual, continuously refreshed information or advertisements can be displayed on large displays (LCD, plasma, projector) placed in public places visited by the target customers or clients. DMS is the most dynamically developing out-of-home advertisement, community information system. The number of displays used for DMS world-wide doubled from 2008 to 2009.

HD Video Conference Systems

HD Video Conference SystemsVideo conference solutions have developed to such a level nowadays, that using them is a real alternative to personal meetings. Using HD (High Definition) technology sufficient resolution can be achieved in video transmission to really meet all needs.

Image Signal and Audio Broadcast Transmission Services

Image Signal and Audio Broadcast Transmission ServicesOut of the multimedia services we provide image signal and broadcast transmission services for those radio and television companies which need professional broadband transmission of local events, concerts, theatre performances, live programmes, circle-switched programmes, reports, programme mediation or TV coverage.


TelepresenceAs a consequence of high resolution (High Definition) technology, three-dimensional sound and conference room design, we can feel as if all of us were sitting at the same negotiating table. The partners sitting on the other side are life-sized, eye contact can be made with them, their facial expressions, tone and meta-communication can all be detected.


VideogateThe Videogate open video network provides interworking between the most widespread video services of the world, such as Telepresence, HD and SD quality video systems and video-enabled mobile phones. Following a simple registration, more independent video conferences with multiple participants can be organised. It is also possible to transmit photos, documents and presentations, in addition to live camera images and sound.