Digital Customer Assistant

VANDA is a digital customer assistant capable of performing dialogue-based communication with people via chat platforms and over the phone. VANDA can automate different scenarios while conducting a dialogue in natural language:

  • Providing answers to questions using backend knowledge bases;
  • Guiding customers through complex business processes to retrieve information dynamically or to initiate business processes;
  • Determining the customers’ intent to direct them to the appropriate group of human agents;

VANDA can handle many types of request on various channels, some of the best examples can be found below. Basically any conversation which can be automated based on business request can be handled by VANDA.


A number of digital personal assistants are available on the market today, such as Alexa or Siri. However, the goal of VANDA is not to compete with them – but to cover a specific area for businesses. She acts like an agent representing your company and helps your customers reach the goal they contacted you for.

She has business-specific knowledge and directs your customers towards well defined processes via guided dialogues.Unlike the traditional systems (IVR or chat button choices) VANDA lets the customer reach their goal directly, without wasting time going through a complex tree of choices. Using neural networks and NLP enables us to provide a personalized and effective service for all customers.


VANDA highlights

  • Capable of handling 86 languages/dialects;
  • Can be used both in voice and chat media using the same technology and language configuration;
  • Can be accessed from different channels and applications, such as the phone, web chat, Facebook Messenger, Viber;
  • Ease of customization and integration to complex business processes and back-end systems;
  • Capable of adopting to the personal attributes of individual customers (personalized assistance);
  • Provides detailed reporting to support fine-tuning of the dialogue and for business analysis;
  • Can be implemented on-premises or be provided from cloud;
  • Can utilize biometric authentication features;

When implemented in a contact-center, VANDA gives you the key advantages of live Agents and traditional IVR systems while it eliminates key drawbacks on both sides:



VANDA benefits from Nuance’s leading voice recognition, text to speech, language semantic and voice biometrics modules extended by T-Systems Hungary’s software components that help building personalized, context based dialogues and integration with legacy systems.


VANDA uses business data enhanced with AI for making context specific decisions when engaging in a dialog with the customer. Additional training and fine-tuning can be done over the provided platform which enables modification of business flows without the involvement of T-Systems.

The authentication during the conversation can be done using various methods such as requesting a one-time password, asking the customer to answer confidential questions or via biometric authentication.

One configuration – multiple platforms

Same logic and configuration can be used for phone and chat platforms allowing an omni-channel experience. Your customers can receive the same treatment regardless of the channel they are using to contact you. Our expertise in machine learning, natural language processing and speech technology allows us to deliver an effective solution to give our customers the competitive advantage that sets them apart in their own business domain. This experience allows us not only to deliver technology but a complete solution with providing help in how to use it in real life scenarios using world-wide best practices.

Get VANDA working for you!

VANDA can be integrated in your environment to handle your customers’ requests intelligently and in order to do so first of all she must understand your business.

  • If you have an existing IVR self-service application or a web based FAQ, it could serve as a first step in describing your processes and data – and should be fine-tuned for the new conversational model.
  • VANDA already speaks 80+ languages, however, she should be trained about how your customers are expressing their intents.

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Chatbot Solution Description

VANDA is an artificially intelligent, omni-channel virtual assistance platform based on innovative technologies such as speech synthesis, speech recognition and machine learning. In addition to traditional voice channel capabilities, VANDA is able to handle customer interactions in the virtual space of social media or in an internet-based chat conversation. Both voice and written channels use a common core comprising linguistic intelligence and business logic, making it easy and efficient to implement the same business scenario over all supported channels. The VANDA application core produces VXML documents consumable by voice and written channels alike.


  • Handling incoming chat conversations on various platforms – regardless of the platform VANDA operates based on the same logic, and can be administered at the same place (the design is configurable on platform level): Voice, WebChat, Facebook Messenger, Viber, Skype
  • No need to specify platform-related behaviour as the provided gateway has built-in capability to handle specific content, such as „button” options, smileys, etc.
  • Multi-platform - The customer can change platforms and the ongoing conversation or topic can be resumed and continued seamlessly on successful authentication.
  • Personalized conversations - through recording data from previous interactions specific behaviours can be achieved, such as welcoming the customer by name, offering the same topic or continuing the last interaction in case it was interrupted. (Note: actual implementation depends on regulations)
  • On-premise or cloud – it can be deployed either at the customer’s premises or provided as a service from TSM cloud.
  • Backend integrations – various inputs and answers can be extracted from backend services, databases requiring a simple setup of DB/WebService connections. The system may also initiate SMS/email sending or CRM data modification.
  • Self-services – Fully functioning self-services can be implemented, wherein predefined business scenarios – possibly involving CRM or DB – may be performed without involving an agent.
  • Administration tool – The business logic can be modified via a web based tool, allowing users to train and configure the business flow.
  • Detailed reporting data including contact related data and chatbot performance
  • Various inputs can be handled – Besides plain text input, buttons or icons may be displayed to the customers for ease of input, depending on the list of supported features of the chat platform.